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Landscape-      Plastic bags and Chinese color  on paper    68 x 68 cm /27 x 27 inches  5.2022

This work uses plastic bags to make the opposite of traditional Chinese paintings, replacing the image, poem, seal, and calligraphy of Chinese traditional painting. Traditional Chinese landscape painting is a symbol of traditional Chinese art, this work aimed to show and reflect the differences between traditional Chinese art and contemporary art regarding skills, concepts, and materials.
Focusing on the techniques of combining drawing and collage, creating beauty out of wasted material.

My father practiced Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting every day. He does not consider my art practice to be artwork, which in his view does not require skills. I wanted to raise an interesting conversation contrasting traditional and contemporary methods, which is why I chose the Traditional Chinese Landscape as the theme.

Landscape-5.6.7          Plastic bags and painting  on paper     35 x 135 cm    9.2022

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Plastic paper

Currently, plastic pollution is a big problem in the world. I was shocked by its immensity, so I began to pay more attention to the usage of plastic materials. I embraced and accepted this kind of material, as opposed to being disgusted by it. 

Plastic bags exploration

From these works, I Try to combina the plastic bag with print.

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