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Creating Beauty from the Mundane


My work is about creating beauty from the mundane. By collecting and recycling wasted material or second-hand material to explore the inherent beauty among them.


Currently, plastic pollution is a big problem in the world. I was shocked by its immensity, so I began to pay more attention to the usage of plastic materials. It can not be eliminated, so I try to reuse this kind of material, as opposed to being disgusted by it.  Because of the accumulation of quantities of commodities and plastic packaging waste every day, I felt overwhelmed, but at the same time, I was attracted by the beautiful color of the packaging. So, I used this type of material to make artwork. Besides, this kind of material is not worth recycling, and it would be burned, which will pollute the air, or dumped into landfills. These works reflect the change in consumer culture and consumer behavior. Human consumption has an impact on the environment, ecology, religion, and spirituality. Nowadays, the environmental issues accompanied by consumerism have become more and more prominent.


The goal of my current creative research is to explore the possibilities of creating art from plastic waste. To achieve this goal, I conducted practice-based research by producing bodies of artwork. For example, the Stained Glass Window is made of plastic packaging, and the Landscape is made of plastic bags.

My current effort is still focused on the techniques of combining drawing and collage, creating beauty out of wasted material. My future plans involve continuing the investigation of making art using plastic waste materials and its intersection with primary printmaking and other forms with the idea of mining the importance of art history. I am particularly interested in environmental issues and the display of this kind of artwork will offer opportunities for raising awareness. 

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