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Rose Window of Notre Dame-2,           Collage, plastic packaging on plexiglass   235.2 x 225.2 cm     93 x 89''                 2022.(2-8)

These two Rose Windows aim to reflect the changing consumer culture and consumer behavior from the medieval age to the present. The Stained glass is a symbol of religion, before the Renaissance, people were ruled by religion and religious leaders, they had no freedom and were not encouraged to think for themselves. After the Renaissance, people were freed from religious influences, they could do what they wanted and buy what they wanted, as a result, much garbage was produced, that threat our environment. This illustrates the ways in which human consumption has an impact on the environment, ecology, religion, and spirituality. Nowadays, the environmental issues accompanied by consumerism have become more and more prominent and the Landscape is made of plastic bags.

Rose Window of Notre Dame-2,           Collage, plastic packaging on plastic bags    191 x 191 cm   75 x75 "   2021.(9-12)

This piece refers to the north window of Notre Dame de Paris.

Metamorphosis 1-4      Plastic packaging on paper      9.2020       

These works use wasted plastic packaging mainly from tissue and bottled water.

Using plastic packaging makes artwork, which can give this garbage a new life and lets the garbage get reused. The plastic packaging was transformed from trash into artwork, like the ugly caterpillars transformed into beautiful butterflies.

Companies produce plastic packaging every day and people throw them away every day, this kind of little behavior will cause environmental pollution, like the Butterfly Effect.

The circle which I was inspired by Bagua of the Taoists, In the middle of the butterfly is a magnet bar, so the wings can move when the wind passes by, which makes the butterfly looks like a relief.     

Chinese characters in the work show the slogan of the orange juice. The material is from different packaging of orange juice. 

The material is from tissues that were produced by a multinational corporation. The words shows the brand of the tissue. 

Chinese characters in the work show the slogan of the orange juice. The material is from different orange juice. 

                                                                               36x26cm(image)    60x60cm (paper)  

                                                                           40x30cm(image)     60x60cm (paper)    

                                                                         37x27cm(image)     60x60cm (paper) cm 

                                                                               38x27cm(image)     60x60cm (paper) 

Diamond      Plastic packaging on paper      85x6010.2020

The packaging with different blue colors is composed of a diamond, which aims to show: the trash turns from worthless to valuable. The packaging of commodities is well-designed, after people buy it, it will become trash, it turns from valuable to worthless. Besides, using expensive diamonds compared with waste plastic shows low material and high art.

Diamond                                                    10.2020   plastic packaging    85cmx60cm 

City Mural-1 ,2      Plastic packaging, printed images and painting on paper      11.2020      39x109.5cm  

These two works reflect the situation of people living in China nowadays, people was overwhelmed by commodities. They are like a documentary to record what is consumed nowadays, which different from thirty years ago, and will different from thirty years after; This building is from the campus where I worked, and the material is from my studio, the students bring them here.