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Un-title      Photo Litho on plate      5.2023

Conversation      Stone litho       21 x 30 cm   

There was a time that I often stayed alone at the studio which made me feel lonely‭. ‬The‭  ‬soft tone in this work depicts the sensation and the loneliness that I felt‭. ‬Here‭, ‬a sense of surrealism is depicted by the dream state of the clouds‭; ‬while the windows‭, ‬the buildings and the people are in an unreal world‭. ‬One of the figures in the composition is my female self and the other is my male‭ ‬self‭. ‬It expresses my desire to talk to someone when I feel lonely‭. ‬Rather than anxious‭, ‬it gives me a quiet and romantic sensation‭.‬

                           21cm x 30cm

                           21cm x 30cm

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