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Soft Ground      Plastic-based material           2023.4      

Exploring the possibility of plastic.

                                                                                                18''x 24''

                                                                                           2.25'' x 6''       

Life-Pregnancy-1      Aquatint on Chinese paper     38.6cm x 64.8cm

The concept of this work is about pregnancy‭, ‬the miracle life creation‭. ‬‭"‬something new‭" ‬lies in both what is created and what is left behind‭. ‬Beans cultivated new‭  ‬beans similar to a mother pregnant a‭ ‬baby and a new life‭.‬

Life-Pregnancy-2                                                         Aquatint     43cm    x 64.8cm

Experiences of Life      Woodcut+soft ground +Aquatint on Chinese paper          62.3cm x 62.3cm

Landscape                                                              Etching                50cm x 250cm

Architecture of Ancient City      Etching      40cm x 58cm